National Garden Entrance in Tehran as a Historical site

National Garden Entrance or Sardar Bagh Melli in Tehran

The National Gardens Entrance as a Historical site Attraction in Tehran is one of the most valuable and beautiful buildings in the Pahlavi era in Tehran, and any domestic and foreign tourists traveling to Tehran will surely visit this most valuable spaces of the National Garden and enjoy the magnificent historic architecture of Tehran. Inside it, buildings such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, the National Library and the Museum of Ancient Iran have been built. And in parallel to this complex is 30th Tir St, one of the famous Tehran street food.

National Garden Entrance

National Garden Entrance

About National Garden Entrance(Sardar Bagh Melli)

It was built as the entrance gate to the mashgh field, which was the military area at the disposal of the troops, and the name "Entrance of mashgh  Square" was introduced. The National Garden Entrance(Sardar Bagh Melli) are the remains of the Qajar era and are now one of the symbols of Tehran. This building is located on the northern side of Imam Khomeini Street, on the eastern side of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on the western side of the Post Museum And telegraph.

Before the foundation of Azadi Tower, this gate was known as a symbol of the city of Tehran. The National Garden Entrance(Sardar Bagh Melli) can be considered one of the most beautiful historic gates in Iran. The width of the national gate from the east to the west is about 26 meters, reaching less than 47 meters with guarded towers. The height of the building is 22 meters below the base of the flag and 25 meters to the tip. The upper space was used as the Timpani home.

Features of the National Garden Entrance(Sardar Bagh Melli)

The entrance has a large passageway and two sidewalks on both sides. In the exterior, including poems from Nadim al-Mulk, tiles are painted with two lions that have crowns, leopards, lion and sun, shotguns and balls.

Each of these six doors in a metal, each weighing a few tons, are all fitted in a Casting in the courtyard. For the decoration of the door, the dragon, theFantastic Bird Figure "Homa" has been used. An important point in the doors is its original structure, which has unique geometry and is well prepared and innovative, and regardless of the outer shell, they have the capacity to turn into a decorative element (separator fences).

Design and architecture of the National Garden Entrance

This building is designed with a mix of Iranian-European architecture, especially in tile and glove. The base of this building and its octagonal columns and the legs of the columns is brick. In the tile of the upper sections of the designs and images of the Shiite, the machine gun, the battlefield, Shast Tir, Reza Shah with the Shast Peal (Maxim; Reza Khan's favorite weapon), the two angels of victory, the three-colored Iranian flag, the cannonball, the leopard, the Quranic verses and the names of the Imam are written in inscription under the perch.

In the upper part of the building, the observation, projectile, and military passage were designed. In the tile works of this building there are elements to commemorate the 3rd coup and the conquest of Tehran by Reza Khan, among which the destruction of the tower and barrow with balls, Reza Shah shooting, two angels of victory.

One of the decorative aspects of this work is its brick structure, which also plays the role of the instrument. Eight columns of circular brick, with heads in the shape of a leaf of the archers, there are framings of brick masonry in the southern view that make every visitor enchant. The tiled tile has excellent colors and beautiful lines that gives special effect.

Naming of the National Garden in Tehran

It was built as the entrance gate to the Mashgh Square, which was at the disposal of the military. Shortly after the construction of this gate, the plan for the establishment of the first public garden (park) of Tehran (called the National Garden) was planned and implemented in the Mashgh field within the workshops, and so the name of the gate of the mashgh square was transformed into the Entrance of the National Garden(Sardar Bagh Melli).

National Garden Entrance in Tehran Addresses

Address: Tehran, District 12, Imam Khomeini St, National Garden Enterance