Gonbad-e qabus

Gonbad-e qabus Historical site

Gonbad-e qabus Historical site as a historical attraction of Golestan. The mil-e Gonbad as a Historical site Attraction in Golestan province is the tallest brick tower in the world and is known as the best work of human engineering history. Gonbad Qabus is a historical monument dating back to the 4th century AH, which is located in the city of Gonbad-e-Kavos in Golestan province. The building, which is the world's tallest brick tower, is located above ground slopes that are 15 meters taller than Earth. The height is 72 meters.

gonbad-e qabus

gonbad-e qabus

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Qabus the tallest brick tower in the world in Golestan

Gonbad Qabus or Kavos Tower is one of the most beautiful and most beautiful monuments of the early Islamic period, which despite the very limited use of decorative elements in it, has a proportional, balanced, solid and beautiful structure. The entire body of the building is made of Cooked red bricks, Which are eventually cooked and rigid and, over the centuries, have become beautifully colored golden yellow, which has added to its beauty.

The tower is made of solid bricks, and has two skeins. The inner dome is like half-ovoid domes of ordinary bricks, and the outer crust with a comet brick. Mogharnas is simple but beautiful and is one of the first examples of Mogharnas in Islamic monuments

The tower building consists of three sections, the body, and the dome, which is 53 meters tall, and with the height of the canopy, which is built on it, its height is about 70 m, which is added to its glory.

The body of the tower is located on a circular base that is only two meters above the earth's surface and has a large volume dipped in the hills. The dome tower is made only of bricks, and no concrete or steel is used in it; however, at its highest level of strength, it stands in its place.

A cone dome is located at the height of 18 meters without any interfaces on the body of the tower.

It has a steep slope and a smooth surface, and unlike most towers and domes of the tomb is Single layer coating. This magnificent building was built in the capital of Ziaran in the year 375 AH by the order of "Qabus-ebn Voshmgir", the most famous king of Al Ziar, which, according to Yakut Hamavi, was The warrior unconventional and scholar.

One of the interesting points in the construction of this building is that, due to the lack of advanced facilities and technology, instead of using wood for access to the top of the building, the consolidation of the soil is spiral and stepped to the front. After the work, they have spread the soils around the tower.

Mortar sarouj from clay, lime, windmill, and some sort of plant, is gray. The diameter of the mortar between the bricks is from 2 to 4 centimeters, which, without any empty space, is carefully drawn among the rows of bricks, and aroused the astonishment of many experts. According to the experts, the composition of the mortar used in the construction and the precision of the use of materials for reasons of stability and stability of this building.

The use of Gonbad Qabus tower is in a halo of ambiguity

Tomb of Qabus-ibn Woshmgir

Tomb of Qabus-ibn Voshmgir. Many experts say the construction of this building is the construction of a tomb to burial Qabus-ibn Woshmgir but, despite numerous excavations, never found any traces of the body of him.

Star Observatory

There is evidence among the traditions and historical books that the possibility of observing the building suggests that the Tower of Qabus is the same observatory that was ordered by Qabus and based on the plot of the KoŇ°irgilani.

Indicates the glory of the king

Some experts speak of the desire of the kings as tools for their eternal names, and the sole purpose of constructing such a magnificent building is to express the power and art of Qabus .

Qabus Guard Tower

A group of experts from Gonbad Qabus is considered a desire and believe that the construction of such a high-rise building can be used to guide travelers in the plain of Gorgan and create a symbol for the ancient city of Gurjan. They say there was a fire dome in the place that never went off and its light came out of the eastern porch to prevent misleading passengers.

A demonstration of the pillar of the cosmos

Some scholars do not have the material reason to construct this monument. They consider the specific architectural style, the unique structure of the building in Iran, and the creation of a triangular triangular brick in the body that inspires the concept and meaning of mythology and cram. According to their thoughts, Gonbad Qabus is an example of a general pattern in architecture known as the Pillar of the Universe and a mystery of the axis of the universe.

Sound reflection space

Outside the Gonbad Qabus Tower, you will find a circular area that has a special surprise for newcomers. If you put up and talk in this circle, your voice will echo and will be heard much louder.